While our founder has produced many movies and digital content, African Messiah is his latest and current grossing movie. It’s a movie that features some of the big names across Africa in the comedy, film and music industries. We see Nadia Buhari, Darlington “Speed Darlington” Achakpo, Temidayo “Zlatan” Omoniyi, Nosa “Lasisi Elenu” Afolabi Charles Okocha and a host of others come together for this movie.
African Messiah, Being Humbled By, What Do Women Want, and many others are some of the movies, skits and content we’ve put out. We have the necessary connections and access to resources that can help put together any visual content featuring every available actor in Africa, a task we’ve carried out multiple times.
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Great Iby Group has video directors, scriptwriters, digital artists, promoters, and other human resources. Check out this interview our founder had; it shows what drives him and the motivation behind branching into the Entertainment world.

GREATIBY’s interview

You would understand that in Nigeria, there are common challenges every entrepreneur, including but not limited to me as a producer must encounter in their businesses. In our line of business, these challenges are not different from those common challenges, like power shortages, logistics etc. However, some challenges are specific to production of movies and these revolves around budgeting. Even though we had made extensive plan towards the production of the movie, we still in every aspect of the production exceeded our budget. We found this challenging, but at end it was worth it, as we wanted to give our audience and the fans the best. some of the cast we wanted for the movie weren’t around because it was festive season and we needed to shoot before our lead character Speed Darlington moves back to his base in the United State, so we had to delay him which cost us some more money by rescheduling his flight and also paying for his accommodation during this period. Also coming up with other character wasn’t easy because they were either on holiday or they weren’t in the country during that time and that was abit of challenge. Remember we also had Nadia Buari flew in from Ghana, arranging a good Accomodation for her and hosting her cost us more money too. We also had some challenges with selecting the best act for each role and the settings we would prefer to use. Hence, we have made it one of our drive and motto to build a befitting studio in Nigeria in the near future. Location: Sourcing for location to shoot a movie here in Nigeria isn’t that easy, we have to book the location we needed for the exact time n make sure we finish before time and they were times we had to shoot all the scene concerning that location for the period of time we had access to it, Thank GOD we have considerate team members that were very understanding without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Production is my bread and butter, I see life in my characters and settings. When I am on a setting, with the right casts, I am at my best frame of mind. One important thing i would like people to know is that, prior to involving the casts, a producer would have spent most of their time deciding on settings, casts, and engaged in drawings that would reflect his/her imagination of the casts, settings etc. It was my first time but working with a director like Blessing Egbe who keeps to time and very professional in her dealings, hence, at the point of calling the word “action!” Everyone will looks so serious and she was able to manage speed Darlington too who was new to acting. I also acted myself in the movie “Africanmessiah” my director Blessings Egbe was able to help me come out with the best in me. At this stage, as they say, the sky is the beginning…lol

My choice of cast most often than not is determined by the plot of the movie. In my recent movie, we wanted to reflect humour in our current political system in Nigeria. Hence, we had to select casts that are not only funny as it were, but also possesses the charisma that a politician exhumes. These are the characteristics that we considered in picking our recent casts.

Being that the movie is a comedy and political satire, it tends to reflect the possibilities that exist, not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. We posited to show Nigerians that as over 70% of Nigerians are youth, we should all endeavour to participate in Politics and also contest for political positions. The movie also speaks to the fact that, no matter what an individual set as their goal in life, it is all achievable with hardwork and a positive frame of mind.

I will love to use some of the cast I already know and superstars like Genevieve, Peter Edochie, Mercy Johnson, Ramson Noah and of course Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G and many more…
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